Seattle / King County Fined for Sewer Spills: but not much

The State of Washington, Department of Ecology has fined Seattle/King County for allowing untreated sewage to enter open water. The dumping occurs through Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). During heavy rains, water washes into drains and combines with sewage in treatment plants, overwhelming the system and running UNTREATED through outlets in open water (Duwamish River, Lake Union, Puget Sound, etc). The City and County are under an injunction from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency to resolve the situation by 2035. However, there are no benchmarks for improvements along the way. In 2018, the CSO dumped nearly 3 Billion gallons of untreated waste. An increase over the 2.7 Billion gallons the previous year.
The State Department of Ecology has leveled fines to encourage the cleaning process, but the fines don’t even rise to a “slap on the wrist”. Seattle must pay $32,500 and County a wopping $14,000. All tax payer dollars. The announcement can be found on this link:;a88f9af6.2012p

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