Department of Health Fights OSS Owner’s Rights

The legislation written and passed with COOMWA’s support became law in July 2019. That law was sent to the Department of Health to include in their Rules, as they oversee Onsite Sewage Systems (OSS). The Rules are written in WAC 246-272A. Washington Administrative Code. With lobbying by COOMWA, Realtors, and CAPR (Citizens Alliance for Property Rights), wording from the new law is being acknowledged. But it is a battle. The intent of the law was to: ensure that only requirements that are reasonable, appropriately tailored, and necessary are imposed on the installation, operation, maintenance, or repair of on site sewage systems.
The Rules have not been finalized, but at this time, if permitted repairs are required, the OSS must comply to new soil types and grade that exceed those originally permitted. COOMWA argues that an OSS should be repaired to the standards when originally permitted.
Additional meetings will be held in early 2021 and reviewed by the State Board of Health.
The credibility of COOMWA as a representative of OSS owners is the involvement of those owners. Legislators, the Department of Health, and the Washington State Board of Health need to hear from owners! Throughout this process, COOMWA will be making email broadcasts and posting to this webpage, keeping owners aware of the proposed Rules. When an opportunity arises to let your opinions be heard … COOMWA will let you know!

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