Changing OSS Regulations

COOMWA and CAPR (Citizens Alliance for Property Rights) have both been asked to participate in the review of State regulations on Onsite Septic Systems.

This is a major step forward, inviting representatives of OSS owners to comment on regulations!   Of the 25 people who will meet to review regulations (WAC 246-272A posted on this website), 14 are employees of State agencies, 4 are employees of County Departments of Health, 3 are employed by OSS installation/service companies, 1 represents tribal interests who claim OSS are killing their shellfish beds and one represents an environmental organization.  But we will be a vocal minority!


The review meeting will be held on Monday, July 24th in Kent, WA.   If you have comments to share or would like to observe, contact Betsy Howe, Founder, COOMWA 253-569-9833.

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