HB1338 and SB5503

COOMWA has worked with Washington State Legislators to present Bills in both the House and Senate.
In the 2019-2020 session, we have initiated HB1338 and SB5503, with exactly the same language. You can see the Bills by going to leg.wa.gov. Bill Information. Enter the Bill number and look at Available Documents, then Original Bill.

We are seeking protection for Onsite Sewage System (OSS) owners. More than 1 Million households in Washington are served by Onsite Sewage Systems (OSS) to organically and safely dispose of waste.

EASEMENTS: The WAC (246-272A-0015-7b) provides local jurisdictions “dedicated easement” to any private property with an Onsite Sewer System. We are asking for the courtesy of notification and justification before entering our property.

REPAIR vs REPLACE. Local jurisdictions can demand replacement of systems to upgraded standards at a cost of $30-60,000. A system previously permitted by the local jurisdiction should be allowed to be repaired to originally permitted standards.