COOMWA Name Change

Citizens Opposed to OSS Management Washington (COOMWA) was founded in June, 2016 to oppose King County fees and rules concerning their oversight of Onsite Sewage Systems (OSS) … septic systems.

Since that time, our citizen outcry has had a huge impact.   A list of our accomplishments include:

  • Tabling of the King County fee recommendation
  • Reducing King County’s “required” monitoring of OSS to “recommended”
  • Assuring As-built information is available on a timely basis at Point-of-Sale
  • De-railing more egregious King County rules regarding OSS Management and Operations Plans
  • Making State and County governments aware of opposition to erroneous testing, false accusations of pollution, increased fees, mandatory maintenance contracts, and required upgrades.

We have learned that the problems lie in Washington State Administrative Codes.   That is where we will focus our efforts.   We have forced the State Department of Health to open and review their “Rules” related to septic systems.   This will be a long process.   In the meantime, we fully intend to draft new legislation to relieve OSS owners of government over-reach.

To reflect the shift of our efforts, we are re-naming our organization …   we are now COOMWA!  Yes, the same name, but with a more positive twist.    As of May 15th, our name will stand for Citizens OPTIMIZING OSS Management Washington.   We will work with all levels of government to OPTIMIZE rules and regulations for the owners.

Thank you for your interest and support.    We still have a website at and you can reach us at   You will be hearing more from COOMWA!